Innovation to close your employees skills gap in Effective Communication.

Innovation to support your Corporate Social Responsibility program.


The need for English competency is the single biggest challenge facing companies in today’s truly global business environment. The ability of employees to communicate internally and with customers has never been more vital. Just as the business world is changing, we believe its learning solutions must also innovate.

One recent whitepaperpublished by the Human Capital Institute reports that 70% of multinational company employees are non-native English speakers, 91% need English for their jobs and only 7% believe they speak the language well enough to do their jobs.

As well as a measurable return-on-investment for companies looking to improve their employees skills in effective communication, Celeritas is an excellent strategic choice for innovative organisations who also want to develop or broaden their organisations’ Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.


Celeritas is a Social Enterprise.    


100% of net profit will be reinvested into social projects with a focus on education. Our aim is to link a tangible training need to Corporate Social Responsibility through a people powered e-learning platform.

It’s more than innovation, it´s a little revolution.

Our 121 telephone or skype classes empower employees by developing speaking and listening skills – Celeritas Confidence, or focus on the attainment of both linguistic skills and business competency skills development  through Celeritas Plus, a synergistic blended solution. The benefits of this approach range from motivation and personalization, to feedback and tracking as well as mobility and a global footprint of both trainers and clients

Anyone who has ever learned another language knows that telephone discussions are far more challenging than face-to-face. Training this way, not only reflects how we increasingly do  business but its intrinsically more challenging nature leaves face-to-face discussions feeling like a walk in the park. Over prepare and then go with the flow.

Celeritas overcomes the cost, logistical complexity and consistency issues of 121 in-company classes, low engagement in group classes* and the boredom of technology driven e-learning programs. We offer the best of all worlds with a people-powered, flexible, on-demand virtual learning solution with the very best trainers.

 (Virtual learning: When learners and trainers meet at the same time, but in a different place, such as via telephone, Skype )

Address the limitations of the classroom and begin to harness the full potential of virtual on-demand learning

* Fact: Over 50% of what employees learn in the classroom will likely be forgotten2

The E-Learning Council,

Ebbinghaus, forget curve, learn 50% of what we are taught unless we have the opportunity to put it into practice within the hour that we are taught.

Are you comfortable throwing away 50% of your investment? 


Visibility and Control

Celeritas believes in the importance of strong relationships and will work diligently with HR to benchmark employees, set goals, measure progress and motivate employees to achieve them.

Real-time access to learners’ progress, provides both visibility and control, while clear objectives and measurable results enable you to demonstrate your return-on-investment. Assigning a set number of classes to each student allows us to manage your budget in a disciplined and structured way.


Pedagogical Method

At Celeritas we seek to maximise your return-on- investment by delivering relevant solutions that align to the way your employees actually learn.

It is widely accepted that learning takes place in three ways: through experience, through social connections like working with others, and through structured courses and programs; this is commonly known as the 70:20:10 framework.

70% of what people learn they learn through experience and practice –experiential learning

•    70% of organisational learning comes from experience and practice •    20% of organisational learning comes from social learning (feedback & coaching by managers) •    And, only 10% of organizational learning is derived from traditional training (in house, outsourced or e-Learning) that is structured and planned

According to Charles Jennings, a leading thinker and practitioner in the areas of performance improvement, change management and learning, “The 70:20:10 model provides an excellent framework for any training or L&D department to reinvent itself to meet 21st-century organizational needs.”

We integrate the 70:20:10 framework into our offering because 70% of learning comes through practical experience enhanced further with performance support of a trainer. Tools, techniques and practice are the compass our lesson creation. We link them to the context of real business situations so employees can immediately apply what they learn to their work. Our trainers are most valuable asset and key differentiator with each trainer interviewed by our Founder & Managing Director, with business experience being a prerequisite and passion the basic ingredient

Despite knowing about these statistics, many organisations spend their training time, effort, and budget in inverse proportion. Many of the successful organisations that we see around us today attribute their success to employees who are empowered to learn and innovate at great speeds –at the speed of business.

Learning Organisations only emerge when people tap into learning on a frequent basis. Celeritas is not only a new channel for experiential learning, but its robust on-demand service allows your employees to practice regularly and amplify what they do well.

If you feel Celeritas could be a complementary learning solution for your business and perhaps be a pillar of your Corporate Social Responsibility program at the same time, contact us to arrange a no obligation presentation and discussion. We´d be delighted to support you in your organisation´s learning goals.