CELERITAS : How it works

Celeritas is an innovative online platform that connects English learners live to elite trainers around the world to dramatically improve their English and business skills in English.  Its designed and run by business people who are passionate about training, not teachers who are trying to navigate the business world. We are all about empowerment, giving you they breakthrough in communication skills you need whilst offering HR training managers outstanding return-on-investment.

We have three core offerings, Celeritas Confidence, Celeritas Plus and Celeritas Emergency


Celeritas Confidence

Celeritas Confidence is the perfect stand-alone solution or complementary solution to empower you to communicate more fluently and effectively in English, focusing on your listening and speaking skills. Its is designed for lower intermediate to advanced levels.

Learners are partnered with  a dedicated trainer who guides and motivates them through personalised 1-to-1 telephone or skype classes that makes learning fun, engaging and highly effective. We don’t use textbooks but up-to-the-minute material that is dynamic, interesting and engages you right from the start.

Our qualified trainers will help you use the language skills in a context that not only allows you to practice what you have learned in the session but teaches you how to apply it to your world of work or free-time, consolidating the learning.

Learners connect with their trainer over the phone or online through Skype for half-hour sessions. The sessions are preceded by a very short preparation activity and followed by a personalised feedback report that identifies corrections, development areas, and new lessons learned. After every class your trainer will update a progress chart so your progress is measurable against key success factors.

The Celeritas way:  Reserve, Prepare, Connect, Review.

You can register and pay for Celeritas Confidence with a few clicks!

  • Unparalleled flexibility: An intuitive Web-based platform allows for training sessions to be reserved & rescheduled with ease

  • Elite trainers – Qualified, experienced, native-speaking trainers from around the world who bring with them a specialised skill of value to professionals

  • Innovative Learning Material – no photocopied textbooks, but creative inspiring lessons, adapted to your needs.

  • Blended learning enabledAlignment with traditional in-company training.

  • Individual feedbackSession-by-session feedback reports with mistakes, new vocabulary etc. Each session with be evaluated against core competencies so you can measure progress

  • Business Friendly technology should never take the focus away from learning. If you have a landline phone, you are ready to work with us! No specialised software required.


Celeritas Plus

Celeritas Plus  is a completely customised one-on-one telephone class experience that is ideal for executives, senior managers, talent or anyone who wants to develop specialist knowledge and improve their English at the same time.

Celeritas Plus is a specialised, differentiated offering that focuses on the development of English for specific purposes or sectors.

We create dynamic lessons which integrate industry trends or best practice, specialised  language and its functional and appropriate use.

Whether it’s Human Resource best practice, marketing excellence, banking case studies, or writing effective legal emails, Celeritas Plus sessionsdevelop both your business acumen and your dominance of English

  • 2 in 1– These courses provide a rare solution to the twin challenges of developing both soft business skills and effective, appropriate use of English

  • Customised – We can develop made-to-measure courses for each individual client, crafting each session to your needs

  • Elite trainers – Our seminars are delivered by an elite team of experienced professionals with rich backgrounds and are able to meet the challenges of both business skills and English language training.

  • Results Orientated – As business people delivering language and skill solutions, we are by nature results-orientated, it’s in our DNA

  • Consistent & Convenient – Training by telephone or skype, keeps you in control of your learning. When you want, where you want. Clients are exclusively paired with an elite trainer, as consistency is a key pillar of success. Our training team is based around the globe to accommodate regional time zones.

Register below for pricing, course information stating Celeritas Plus and the skill you wish to develop


“According to the Centre for Creative Leadership, 86% of senior executives believe it is “extremely important” for them to lead across geographies in their current leadership role. Yet only 7% of these executives believe they are currently “very effective” at doing so.”


Celeritas Emergencyurgencias Celeritas


Celeritas Emergency  is an on-demand premium service that connects you urgently with the very best trainers to support you in a specific task where the outcome is so important, that only the best will do.

Some examples of tasks

–       Critical Email

–       Interview preparation

–       Teleconference Preparation & Teleconferencing Shadowing**

–       Presentation preparation and shadowing

–       Report editing/ reviewing

Celeritas Emergency, for those times when your language needs are urgent, is available on emergency contact numbers below. We guarantee to return your message within 1 hour, give you a quote and support you via phone, skype, email or face-to-face in Madrid, Spain

*Shadowing is where a trainer joins your business call call or presentation to give you targeted feedback on your performance or help in you understand key outcomes of teleconferences. Presentation Shadowing is only available in Madrid, Spain.

** Needs to be agreed with other teleconference participants before hand.